Futures Academy

If it wasn’t for Futures, I wouldn't have ended up in college. I wouldn’t have ended up with anything really. It was like a new beginning. Erik, 20


Futures Academy of Colorado Youth for a Change serves students ages 17 to 21, who have too few credits to receive a traditional high school diploma, but are interested in furthering their education and pursuing post-secondary opportunities.

Through a partnership with Colorado Youth for a Change and Aurora Public Schools, Futures Academy provides students with the resources, guidance, and academic instruction that allows them to earn college credits (up to an associate’s degree), technical certifications, a GED, or a combination of the three.  

Futures Academy combines a competency-based approach to teaching and learning with targeted case management to help students overcome barriers to academic and personal success in a safe and supportive learning community that respects and values the strengths and experiences of each student.


Classes at Futures focus on skills and content in the areas of college and career exploration and development, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math to prepare students for college, careers, and the GED. 


By the time they earn their GED, many students will have earned an industry certification from Pickens, credits from CCA, or a combination of the two. We support students academically as well as financially through a scholarship to Pickens Technical College and/or the Community College of Aurora.


Interested students complete the following enrollment process with a Futures Academy Student Advisor.

1) Schedule a meeting to learn more about the program. Call (720) 949-0253, x303.

2) Assess academic levels in reading and math through the TABE test.

3) Complete an intake interview.

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