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Go Back to High School

Are you or someone you know looking to go back to school?


We work with out-of-school youth in Colorado, ages 14-20, to enroll them in a diploma or GED program that fits their needs. Email Nick to learn more at or fill out the form below if you are interested.

Trabajamos con jóvenes fuera de la escuela en Colorado, de 14 a 20 años, para inscribirlos en un programa de diploma o GED que se adapte a sus necesidades. Llámenos ahora al 303-292-2779 o llene el siguiente formulario si está interesado.

Meet the Reengagement Team

Hey! I’m AlmaSue Prieto, originally from Texas, now loving Colorado living. Why Reengagement? An incredible opportunity to build relationships with young people and their families to connect them with diverse education options that impact their future. Me Facts: I dropped out of school once too, and I don’t know very much about music; share what you enjoy listening to.   I primarily support students in West Denver. Tambien hablo espanol.

Phone: (720)620-2964

Hi! My name is Tess Cameron and I’m from Longmont, Colorado. Why Reengagement? Because I believe every student deserves equity and I want to be part of making that happen. Fun fact: I once zip-lined from the top of the Andes Mountains in Bolivia but most days you can find me baking or cooking with veggies from my garden. I primarily support students who may be connected to the juvenile justice system.

Phone: (720)233-9472

Hey! My name is Rebbecka and I’m from Denver, Colorado. Why Reengagement? Because it gives me a chance to be a part of something that is so impactful and is shaping the future. Fun Fact? I have gone on The Giant Canyon Swing. A swing that goes off a cliff & places you directly above the Colorado River.

I primarily support students in Near and Far Northeast Denver.

Phone: (720)353-0986

Hi! My name is Alexis and I am from Freeport, Bahamas. Why Reengagement? Because I love making connections and building relationships with youth, through these relationships I love being able to not only support youth but learn so much through them as well. Fun fact? I have my scuba diving license but have only gone scuba diving twice in the ocean. I primarily support students in Central and Southeast Denver.

Phone: (720)380-5915

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