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Four Futures Academy Students Graduate with Associates Degree

Media Contact: Leia Pitcher
Marketing and Events Manager

DENVER—On May 24, 2017, four students from the Colorado Youth for a Change Futures Academy program will graduate with their GED, an associates degree from Aurora Community College and certificates from Pickens Technical College. Futures Academy students come to Colorado Youth for a Change as an alternative education solution if traditional education programs are not working for them. This year’s graduates have completed all of the requirements to successfully complete their GED, while being concurrently enrolled at Pickens Technical College and Aurora Community College.

One of the 2017 outstanding graduates, Kevin, will also be honored at Colorado Youth for a Change’s 11th Annual Back to School Night on September 7th with the You Count! Award. Graduating from Pickens Technical College with his certificate in Diesel Mechanics, Kevin has also completed an Associate of General studies from the Community College of Aurora. In his time with Colorado Youth for a Change at Futures Academy, Kevin earned two Pickens Certificates, an Associate’s Degree, and his GED. A committed member of the Futures community, Kevin displays the Futures Academy core principles consistently, including Diligence, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Optimism, and Professionalism.

“Kevin continually demonstrates incredible character and integrity,” says Futures Academy Principal, Joy Smith. “He has been a star pupil of our Futures Academy program and we feel he will go on to be a committed community member. We’re excited to see what his future will bring.”

Colorado Youth for a Change Futures Academy graduation will be held on May 24, 2017. For more information about Colorado Youth for a Change, visit

About Colorado Youth for a Change:
The dropout problem in Colorado is serious and our community pays a hefty price. Currently, there are more than 10,000 dropouts in our state. The average high school dropout is not eligible for 90 percent of available jobs and will cost taxpayers nearly $300,000 over their lifetime in lost tax revenue, crime, incarceration, and health related costs. Colorado Youth for a Change is solving Colorado’s dropout crisis. Since 2005, CYC has substantially contributed to decreasing the number of dropouts in Colorado. And of the over 1,700 students we serve annually, 70 percent continue enrollment or graduate.

Futures Academy of Colorado Youth for a Change works in partnership with Aurora Public Schools to provide students with the resources, guidance, and targeted academic instruction that will allow them to leave Futures Academy with an associate degree, a Pickens Technical Certificate, a GED, or a combination of the three.
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