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Resources - Dropout Crisis

Articles and Resources - The Dropout Crisis

Table of Contents
  • A report released in 2015 by America’s Promise Alliance examines the roles that supportive relationships play in young people’s decisions to stay in, leave and return to school. The report is a follow-up to Don’t Call Them Dropouts. 

  • The central message of this report is that while some students drop out because of significant academic challenges, most dropouts are students who could have, and believe they could have, succeeded in school.

  • This research focused first on the statewide distribution of dropouts, and then on five of the districts having some of the largest number of dropouts, using both aggregate school level data from the Colorado Department of Education and individual level administrative data from each of the five districts.

  • This year signifies two key milestones in the GradNation campaign to raise high school graduation rates. First, the release of the 2015 federal graduation rate data marks five years since states began reporting graduation rates with a common formula, the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR). Second, there are now just five years of federal data reporting between now and the culmination of the GradNation goal to raise high school graduation rates to 90 percent by the Class of 2020.

  • Overview of the closing of Manuel HS and talks about how it impacted the community. Features a student at Manuel HS at the time of the closing that is now a CYC employee.