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Educational Intervention

Educational Intervention Program

CYC’s Educational Intervention program focuses on supporting 9th grade students failing 1-2 core courses. CYC Educational Intervention Specialists work directly with students and collaboratively with school staff to meet students’ academic needs and reduce barriers to success.

Research shows that one core course failure in the 9th grade decreases one's chance of graduating by 20 percent, and this decrease continues for each additional course failure. Because the 9th grade year serves as a predictor of future success, CYC implements a hybrid model of service that combines direct service to students (academic monitoring, skill-building training, and advocacy) with capacity building in schools so that all 9th graders can move to 10th grade on time by credit.


  • Academic Planning 
  • Organization Skills
  • Study Skills 
  • Decision Making Skills

2018-19 IMPACT

153 students were served through the Educational Intervention Program.

  • 88% of students raised at least one failing grade during each grading period
  • 331 failing classes were recovered and became passing
  • 60% of students ended the school year on track to graduate by total credits