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This week’s Colorado Reengagement Network call with Patrick Hedrick from the City and County of Denver prompted us to take a closer look at the intersection between the juvenile justice system and education. This topic is particularly relevant to CYC, as nearly one-third of the students served last year were involved with the court system.

We understand that early interventions, student engagement, and social-emotional learning are important to keeping young people out of the justice system. But when a student gets in a situation where they are detained, it is just as important to remember that a quality education is vital to the future success of all young people. As Patrick Hedrick pointed out on this week’s call, education may be the only constant in a student’s life. And for those that get back on a positive path forward, it requires at least one caring adult in their life.

Last year, 9,277 students dropped out of school in Colorado. That’s down from 2017-2018 when 10,180 students left school early. In some ways, that’s 933 more students who stayed in school and have a better chance at obtaining post-secondary education, meaningful employment, better health care and less interaction with the court system. This is truly a great thing.

Yet despite this amazing accomplishment, there are still trends that appear year after year and suggest the work is not finished. To simplify, we can divide these trends into two different areas. One is the demographic question while the other appears to be a resource question.

We are grateful for your support throughout the year. From the little acts of kindness to the generous donations, it all encourages change and makes a difference to the children and young adults we serve.

Here are 10 “acts of change” from 2019 and the change-makers behind them. See yourself helping next year? Then join us and BE THE CHANGE in 2020!