Colorado Youth for a Change Inclusion Statement

We at Colorado Youth for a Change are committed to both the process and the goal of being an inclusive organization.  Our shared responsibility in achieving this is two-fold: intentionally investing in our team and consistently refining our organization. 

Investing in our team is central to our organizational success.  We believe in developing the outstanding talent of our team through building each other’s professional capacity so that together we can innovate in the schools and communities in which we work.  Furthermore, we strive to create a culture where each individual is recognized and valued for their unique perspectives and identities, so that they may utilize their strengths to collectively aid our organization in enhancing its strong programs and outcomes. 

Our goal is to refine our work in an effort to build an inclusive culture.  We believe that organizations should learn and grow as they evolve. This means that we are committed to consistently assessing both our programs and internal systems in order to have the best possible impact on the communities we serve while holistically supporting the members of our team.