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Mission and History

The mission of Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) is to solve Colorado’s dropout crisis. CYC was established in 2005 in response to over 18,000 students dropping out of Colorado schools each year, and the lack of capacity of school systems to prevent youth from dropping out and reenroll those who had. Since that time, CYC has significantly contributed to a 50% reduction in the state’s dropout rate through its prevention and reengagement programs that span from ages 3-21.

Our programs address early warning signs of dropping out (lack of reading and algebra proficiency, chronic absenteeism, and course failure) and reengage disconnected and out-of-school youth, getting them back on a path to graduation and postsecondary opportunities. Through these programs, CYC works every day to close opportunity gaps for students across Colorado.

COVID-19 has brought about significant disruptions to education and has deepened already troublesome disparities. In response, CYC launched a large-scale expansion of its programs in partnership with the Governor’s office and Serve Colorado in the fall of 2021. CYC’s programs address widening learning gaps in reading and algebra proficiency and support students that are increasingly at risk of falling behind and disengaging from school permanently.

Mission and History infographic
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