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CYC Change Makers from 2019

We are grateful for your support throughout the year. From the little acts of kindness to the generous donations, it all encourages change and makes a difference to the children and young adults we serve.

Here are 10 “acts of change” from 2019 and the change-makers behind them. See yourself helping next year? Then join us and BE THE CHANGE in 2020!

A book drive.

Kids in CYC’s Colorado Reading Corps program LOVE books. This year, a CYC AmeriCorps member organized a book drive, and every K-3 child in her school took a book home over the holiday break.

Career days.

This day of individualized connections between high school students and professionals gives insights (and sometimes direct opportunities) into entering specific careers and industries. Last year, 76 volunteers helped at three different careers days across Denver and Aurora. Share your knowledge in 2020.

Sharing career or industry knowledge.

Older students need to know about the breadth of opportunities for career and post-secondary education pathways. In 2019, CYC’s Futures Academy welcomed 18 guest speakers to the College & Careers class. As one students said of a speaker, “he made me feel better about myself.”

AmeriCorps. #GetThingsDone

This is a BIGGIE. In 2019, Corps for a Change AmeriCorps members contributed 21,225 hours of service and Colorado Reading Corps AmeriCorps members contributed 60,543! Join this dedicated group or invite someone you know to join HERE.

Filling the workforce pipeline for education.

50% of CYC’s Corps for a Change AmeriCorps members continued to work in the education field and 25% returned for a second term of service. Wow!

Engaging through social media.

This is so fun and SO EASY. Like us on Facebook or Instagram, and connect with us on LinkedIn. With a single click, hundreds of people have kept up with all we do all year.

The Open House at Futures Academy.

The community got a special peek into our work at the 2019 Open House at Futures Academy, and tours were provided by our amazing students. Look for the 2020 open house info – or just come out and learn more about this incredible program.


We welcomed 176 volunteers from the community who did everything from serving Thanksgiving to signing thank you cards to tutoring. Find out how you can help HERE.

Inclusivity in action.

CYC’s Inclusivity Action team, comprised of staff across different program areas, launched monthly discussions on the intersection between identity and education. Stay informed on this work by reading our BLOG or requesting the articles and videos that CYC discusses.

The Colorado Reengagement Network.

As thought leaders, CYC hosts conference calls during the school year that highlight information, insights, and best practices on school engagement (and reengagement). This benefits educators and service providers, but anyone interested can join the call. Jump on HERE.

PS: Donations.

Okay, 11. Our work happens because of the incredible financial support of generous individuals, companies, and foundations.

Make your end-of-year gift today HERE.

THANK YOU, from all of us at Colorado Youth for a Change

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