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About Colorado Math Corps

Math Corps was developed in Minnesota and has since been replicated in five states, with Colorado being the newest.  Math skills, particularly algebra proficiency by the end of 8th grade, are highly predictive of high school graduation. Colorado Math Corps places full-time AmeriCorps members in schools to provide evidence-based math support to 4th-8th grade students struggling in math and track their progress until they reach their learning goals.

Why Colorado Math Corps Matters

  • Proficiency in math is highly predictive of graduating high school
  • Proficiency in math is correlated with attending college and higher lifetime earnings
  • 65% of 8th graders in Colorado are not proficient in math

2021-2022 Impact

  • 1,030 students served at 33 Colorado school sites
  • Students who participated in Math Corps accelerated their performance on a variety of skills and had better outcomes than comparable students who did not participate.



  • Serve in a school five days a week and use evidence-based math interventions to work with small groups of 4th-8th graders who are struggling in math.
  • Conduct intervention sessions that are 30-45 minutes. Each student on the caseload is seen 90 minutes per week.
  • Serve a caseload of at least 26 students
  • Monitor student progress bi-monthly and meet with Internal and Master coaches to assess data and support student success

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Bring Colorado Math Corps to Your School

Colorado Math Corps supports fourth through eighth grade students in math proficiency.  The program adopts a sequential and mastery-oriented approach in which students progress through math concepts at their own speed. Student progress is monitored bi-monthly to assess data and support student success.

For questions, please contact Vanessa Notman, Senior Director of Programs, at

Interested in Becoming a Colorado Math Corps Member?

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