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About CYC

Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) connects youth with opportunities to get back into school and also creates pathways, alongside caring adults, to build confidence and find success in school and beyond. We believe all young people can rise above obstacles and barriers to learn and succeed.

“In the beginning, I didn’t expect myself to graduate…I didn’t expect myself to be truly happy with the way life has been treating me.

But here I am, graduating from high school and in college. I truly feel blessed that I have both of my parents by my side to make sure I get what I need, when I need it.

I am officially becoming a responsible adult. I stumble, I fall, I rise, and I strive, all so that I can see better days.” 2019 Graduate

In partnership with school districts across Colorado, we are pleased to provide a continuum of programming for children and youth, spanning from age 3 all the way through age 21.

Our Values

CYC grounds its work in the following values, which help us make decisions and inform strategies when supporting children and young people.

Growth: We invest in ourselves, our students, and our communities through continuous learning and unlearning.

Integrity: We align decisions and actions with our organizational values to demonstrate consistency and build trust.

Community: We create community with intention and care, built on relationships that honor our collective stories.

Systemic transformation: We commit to engage in personal and communal work to transform oppressive systems and to co-create new systems rooted in equity and belonging.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

CYC is committed to both the process and the goal of being an inclusive organization. Our shared responsibility in achieving this is intentionally investing in our team and consistently refining our organization.

Investing in our team is central to our organizational success. We believe in developing the outstanding talent of our team through building each other’s professional capacity so that together we can innovate in the schools and communities in which we work. Furthermore, we strive to create a culture where each individual is recognized and valued for their unique perspectives and identities.

We believe that organizations should learn and grow as they evolve. This means that we are committed to consistently assessing both our programs and internal systems in order to have the best possible impact on the communities we serve while holistically supporting the members of our team.

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