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CYC’s Reengagement team reaches out to over 3,000 youth each year who have left school early without a diploma. For those interested in exploring educational options and getting back into school, an education plan is put into place and a relationship is established with one of CYC’s Reengagement Specialists. Together, transcripts are reviewed along with personal barriers, educational goals, and geographic location to ensure the best possible school fit.

If you’re a student who wants to get back into school:

Once a youth is reenrolled in school, CYC’s Reengagement Specialists continue to provide support through ongoing case management and connection to community resources that reduce barriers and boost a student’s chance to graduate from school.

1 in 6 Students in America drop out of school each year

Our Approach

  • Outreach
  • Education Planning
  • Enrollment and Retention

2020-2021 Impact

  • 131 students were reenrolled back into school by a CYC Reengagement Specialist
  • 80% of all reenrolled students stayed in school or graduated by the end of the school year
  • 1,949 youth were part of the outreach caseload

Colorado Reengagement Network

The purpose of the Colorado Reengagement Network is to streamline the coordination of regional and statewide student reengagement efforts in order to better serve students throughout the state of Colorado.

The Colorado Reengagement Network creates a collaborative environment that connects school districts and educational service providers and encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences about dropout prevention and reengagement.

If you would like to receive updates on upcoming Colorado Reengagement Network calls or have any questions, please contact Emily Loof at

U.S. Department of Education Reengagement Guide

  • This guide is a great source of information on the idea of and need for reengagement as a whole as well as different programs around the country.
  • We’re happy to be included with our colleagues and friends across the U.S. from the National League of Cities network!
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