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In partnership with students and local communities, CYC is helping to build leaders through one-on-one support, customized literacy and academic instruction, and educational access. Together, we are removing barriers to learning and providing students with the resources they need to maximize their own learning and growth.

Student Demographics

6,784 students were served by CYC during the 2022-2023 school year.

  • 48% Male
  • 47% Female
  • 3% Transgender or Self-identify
  • 1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 1% American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • 2% Asian
  • 6% Black or African American
  • 6% Multiracial
  • 39% White
  • 46% Latinx

*We collect this data only on our students ages 14 and older. 

The following statistics refer to our students who are ages 14 and older:

  • 55% are eligible for free and reduced lunch
  • 24% have been involved in the court system
  • 16% are currently or formerly experiencing homelessness
  • 4% are currently or formerly in the child welfare system

51% of schools CYC serves have a majority population of students from low-income families.

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