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20 Reasons to Give as 2020 Comes to a Close

COVID-19 Shined a Light on the Inequities that Exist. “…the school closures caused by COVID-19 have additional aspects of trauma to students, loss of resources, and loss of opportunity to learn that go well beyond a traditional summer break for…

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What a Difference a Year Makes: Finding Hope and Resilience

CYC AmeriCorps members that serve with Reading Corps and Corps for a Change dedicate a ten-month term supporting children and youth in Colorado. Sometimes, members return to serve multiple terms. With all the changes happening in education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these returning members bring insight...
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The Fight for Racial Equity

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery sparked a wide array of organizations across the country to publish statements that expressed outrage at the senseless deaths and the fight for racial equity that continues today. Colorado Youth…

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Welcome Change Makers:

Introducing our 2020 AmeriCorps Members The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on new and old community needs across America. From contact tracing and food delivery to the tutoring of students falling behind in school, the needs can feel overwhelming.…

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We Celebrate and Keep Pushing: LGBTQIA+ Equity in Schools

“Why do you need to ask those questions?”, is a phrase commonly heard by CYC staff and AmeriCorps members during our intake process. “Those questions” are as follows:  What is your sexual orientation? What is your gender identity? What are your pronouns?  Unfortunately, our society…

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Three Female Students In Graduation Outfits Cheer

Linking Reenrollment with Post Secondary Success

Young people in Colorado that have left or dropped out of school often do so because they are unable to see the benefit of a high school diploma in their present or future. The primary goal of CYC’s Reengagement program is…

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Education Remains a Priority: Stories of Hope

Our students need us now more than ever. It may look different – a text exchange instead of a school tour or a Facetime call instead of a meeting – but the connection remains constant. Education can provide stability during…

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