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National Wine Day- Wine & Popcorn Pairing to Benefit Colorado Youth for a Change

May 25, 2022: Thanks to all who joined us to celebrate and support our students in partnership with Blanchard Family Wines!

Whether it is increasing their reading or math level in school, boosting school attendance, or graduating while navigating a pandemic – we are so proud of the nearly 5,000 students we’ve supported this year.

The tragedy that occurred May 24, 2022 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas has all of us reflecting on our work and our students across Colorado. We believe in the importance of every child and young person having as many caring and supportive adults in their life as possible – adults to notice warning signs, connect them with resources, be the resource, be the cheerleader, be the one person sometimes to get them and carry them through for a minute, to be there in the aftermath of really scary things.  We teach so much to our students outside of how to do school and academics; we provide and model healthy caring relationships.    

We had an anonymous donor step forward to match this event’s fundraising for CYC in solidarity with the families impacted in Uvalde. As a result, two donations were made on May 26 to the League of United Latin American Citizens and the Robb School Memorial Fund – in honor of CYC.

Thank you for continuing to support our students and work across Colorado.  

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