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Colorado Reengagement Network

The Colorado Reengagement Network

Colorado Reengagement Network

The purpose of the Colorado Reengagement Network is to streamline the coordination of regional and statewide student reengagement efforts in order to better serve students throughout the state of Colorado.

Why is there a need for the Colorado Reengagement Network?

School districts and educational service providers in Colorado are often unaware of how other entities are addressing challenges in the education field, such as high dropout numbers. It is therefore common for these groups to create independent systems to address the growing number of students who drop out of school or who are at-risk of dropping out. Currently, school districts within Colorado are implementing their own reengagement strategies to varying degrees of success. And while informal idea sharing also takes place among educational professionals, there is not a prescribed way of collecting and disseminating information aimed at improving educational outcomes within the State.

The Colorado Reengagement Network creates a collaborative environment that connects school districts and educational service providers and encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences about dropout prevention and reengagement.

  • This guide is a great source of information on the idea of and need for reengagement as a whole as well as different programs around the country.

    We’re happy to be included with our colleagues and friends across the U.S. from the National League of Cities network!

The Colorado Reengagment Network was made possible with funds from the U.S. Department of Education, School Dropout Prevention Program (CFDA: 84-360A).